5 Brilliant DIY HVAC Ways to Keep Your Home Cool During this Summer’s Heat

After the cold winters and the rainy springs, you may wonder if there is something to smile about when the summer approach. The sunny days of summer are lovely, but the extreme heat come with some drawbacks. Just like the way you need to keep your house warm in the winter, you also need to keep it cool in the summer. In this move, there are two things that are especially essential-airing and insulating. One of the ways of preventing extreme heat from getting inside your house during this summer is ensuring that your roof, walls, and your windows are as tight as possible to keep the heat outside. An open window facing the direction of the evening or the morning sun without curtains or without a protective film quickly becomes an actual heating system. Pre-prepare your house for the coming heat from the scorching sun during this summer by getting the most reliable air conditioning services from a well-known world brand in the industry. The cooling services provided by JB3 Heating & Air Conditioning are reliable and affordable. For more information visit www.JB3HVAC.com

Here are 5 Tricks & DIY HVAC Tips to Bring the Temperature Down on Your House During this Summer:

1. Be a fan of the fan

Many people look forward for summer because it provides warm temperatures and gives them an open opportunity for outdoor activities such as swimming and sunbathing. On the other hand, you can have a hard time staying indoors especially if your house doesn’t have good insulation and air conditioning facilities. Hot temperatures can bring about increased energy bills because the conditioning remains on all day to counter the increase in temperature. Luckily, there is this one way of keeping your home cool and at the same time reducing energy costs, fans! There are many different types of fans in the market that can help you this summer. You can get ceiling fans, standalone fans and box fans. You can also craft a sort of wind tunnel in your home to push the cool air about the house.

In simple terms, place one fan on the side of the house that receives the cold breeze throwing it in. After this, place another fan directly opposite on the other end of the house facing out to throw the warm air out. A misting fan can also be a good companion during the summer. This fan works the same way as a humidifier. It throws a fine mist of water into the air and if the air is hot enough and not humid, it will dry up. The mist evaporates taking the hot air with it. Mist fans can work as a good fan outdoors or in the siting room.

2. Shade the Outside of Your Windows

Investing in a good shade for your windows can still let in light and at the same time block heat is a great DIY HVAC idea. The best ways to shade your window depends on which side your windows face. The reason for this is that the height and the angle of the sun changes from time to time. South facing windows receives less heat from the sun and hence they don’t require any shading during the summer. As a matter of fact, south facing windows provide the best cooling effects during the summer since they lose a lot of heat.

Windows facing the north require a lot of work to design and shade them. If designed and shaded the right way, they can give a cooling effect during the summer. The shades especially work to stop the high summer heat from hitting into the room. In addition, they allow the low light and heat from the winter to get inside the house. You can also install pergolas and eaves shading devices to keep your house warm during the summer. Some of the devices have louvers that can be adjusted to allow heat from the sun during the winter and keep heat away during the summer. Adjustable shading products are suitable for shading windows facing on the north. The more opaque the material and the thicker it is, the better the shading effects will be.

East and west facing windows receive the most heat from the sun during the summer. The east facing windows receive a lot of the heat from the sun in the morning while the west facing windows receive most of the heat in the evening. Use adjustable external shading devices such as shutters, angled metal slats, blinds and louvers to provide the flexibility to block the low-angled morning and the evening scorching sun. Join thousand others in U.S. trying to keep their houses cooler during this summer using the window blocking devices and services from JB3 Heating & Air Conditioning. For more information visit www.JB3HVAC.com.

3. Keeping the Heat Outside

The other great way of keeping your house cool during the summer is to keep the heat outside. Insulate your roof especially if you have bedrooms under the eaves. Insulating your walls will also be beneficial. It will keep your house warm at the time of severe cold and keep it cool at the time of extreme heat from the sun.

Ensure that your house windows are closed during the day and slightly open during the night. This will guarantee that hot air doesn’t get inside the house during the day. Opening your windows during the night will let in cool air and keep you cool all night. Switch off all electric appliances including lighting bulbs. Electric appliances give off heat and this can make your house hotter. Ensure that you don’t cook indoors. During the summer, try to preplan your meals so that you don’t have to use ovens during the day.

4. Install a Smart Thermostat

The best DIY HVAC way to save energy bills and at the same time keep your house cool during this summer’s heat is to invest in a reliable thermostat. Some devices like Ecobee and Nest can intelligently control your air conditioning activities in the house and keep the house cool. They can sense your presence in the house and adjust the AC run time accordingly. Smart thermostats help you to tailor when your HVAC unit is in action. They can be customized to start and close different times of the day to warm or cool your house optimally. A good thermostat will not only keep your house cool but will also keep your energy bills manageable.

A programmable thermostat allows setting several temperatures according to your preferences throughout the week and forgetting about it. It also helps you to start cooling the house some minutes before you get home. This ensures that your house is made comfortable before your family returns in the evening. Some of smart thermostats are compatible with smartphones and you can be able to control the temperatures apart from the programmed settings. Invest in a Smart Thermostats like Nest Thermostat to keep your house cooled and comfortable for occupation this summer. Get the best Air Conditioning & Filter Maintenance services with JB3 Heating & Air Conditioning service provider in Southern California. For more information visit www.JB3HVAC.com.

5. Change Your Air Filtration Regularly

Invest in a good air filter in your central HVAC unit and ensure that you change air filtration system regularly. Air filtration system is responsible for trapping dirt, dust and other debris. What this means is that your air filters should always be clean. If they are clogged with dust and other airborne debris, the HVAC system will have to strain to force air through the filters. This will let the dust in and also make your HVAC unit less functional.
You should ensure that your air filtering system in HVAC system is changed regularly. Ensure it is changed at least two times in a year to keep the HVAC systems operational and highly reliable. There are several filters available in the market and some of them are reliable while others don’t work properly to clean the air getting in your house. Discuss the best fit of filters for your unique HVAC systems with a professional.

Air filtration systems have several benefits. It performs the simplest task of preventing lint, dust and other debris from plugging cooling and heating coils. It also removes small particles as small as 0.1 micron from completing simple circuits on a microchip.

The Bottom Line

Every person has been there, tossing and turning in the bed simply because the sweat has practically glued to the sheets. There is nothing worse than trying to relax on your bed or even trying to catch some shut eye in an extremely hot room. The good thing is that there are several things that you can do and reduce the temperatures in your room during the summer. In addition to the above DIY HVAC tips, choose cotton sheets for cooler nights. Also take a cool bath some minutes before you retire to bed and also wear your hair naturally.